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CANCELED: Carles Boix, Princeton University

TO BE RESCHEDULED: Cindy Kam, Vanderbilt University: The Irrational Palate: Public Opinion on Food Policy (with PRESS)

CANCELED: Sarah Staszak, Princeton University: Privatizing Employment Law: The Expansion of Mandatory Arbitration in the Workplace

Chinbo Chong, 2019-2020 CSDP Fellow: Effectiveness of Identity Appeals to Latino and Asian American Voters

CANCELLED - Andrew Hall, Stanford University: Who Becomes a Member of Congress? Evidence from De-Anonymized Census Data

David Leal, University of Texas at Austin: Naturalization as Mobilization: The Effect of State Immigration Policy on Naturalization Rates in the United States

Hye Young You, New York University: Foreign Lobbying in the US

Jesse Crosson, Trinity University and CSDP Fellow: Polarizing Pluralism: Partisan Competition and Interest Sorting in the Era of Insecure Majorities

Jaime Settle, College of William & Mary: Frenemies: How Social Media Polarizes America

Corrine McConnaughy, George Washington University: Democratization as Programmatic Demand