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Carles Boix, Princeton University: Family, Gender Norms and Social Class: The Political Incorporation of Women in Sweden (1921-1960)

Luke Keele, University of Pennsylvania, discusses Charles Cameron, Princeton University: Do Amicus Briefs Change Supreme Court Decisions?

Shana Gadarian, Syracuse University: Pandemic Politics

Andy Guess, Princeton: Does Social Influence Shape Online Political Expression?”

The 2020 Elections: What Happened and Why?

Benjamin Lauderdale, University College London: The Variable Persuasiveness of Political Rhetoric

Mayya Komisarchik, University of Rochester: The Voting Rights Act, Shelby v. Holder, and the Franchise

Some Election Integrity Problems are Surprisingly Easy to Solve and Others are Very Very Hard

Sharece Thrower, Vanderbilt University: Legislative Capacity, Executive Power, and the Dynamics of Separation of Powers Politics

Christopher Karpowitz, BYU: Social Contact and Immigration Attitudes: A Study of LDS Missionaries