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How Do Racial Appeals Work in American Politics? Stephens-Dougan Book Investigates "Racial Distancing"

Much social science research over the years focuses on how white, usually Republican, candidates use negative racial appeals and race in campaigns. But are Black politicians advantaged when they indicate that they are not “too liberal” on matters of race, by invoking negative stereotypes about other Black people? This strategy is what LaFleur Stephens-Dougan refers to as “racial distancing.”

How Do People Get "Hooked" on Politics? Where Does Political Interest Come From, and Why Does It Matter?

Markus Prior, Professor of Politics and Public Affairs at Princeton and a CSDP Faculty Associate, has been researching the origins and influence of political interest, culminating in a book to be released this fall: Hooked: How Politics Captures People's Interest (forthcoming, Cambridge University Press). Political interest is the strongest predictor of 'good citizenship', yet hardly anything is known about it as it's been mostly unstudied for decades.

What Happens When We Militarize Police? Jonathan Mummolo Finds Potential Harm to Police Reputation, Failure to Enhance Officer Safety or Reduce Crime

Four years ago, coverage of the heavily armed police response to protests in Ferguson, Missouri fueled a national debate about police militarization. Police claim militarized units enhance public and officer safety. Critics claim they target racial minorities and erode trust in police.  Jonathan Mummolo wanted to know who was right.

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